Dash cams are quickly becoming a must have product among drivers. A dash cam is a video camera that is mounted to your windscreen and records video surveillance of whats happening around your vehicle. They are able to record footage of traffic accidents and all manner of driving scenarios. Some dash cameras are even able to record footage when your vehicle is parked up, so if someone bumps your car or vandalizes it you can have video evidence to prove it.

Dash cams are an excellent vehicle accessory, no matter how safe a driver you are, with the roads not being as safe as we would like them to be there is unfortunately always a chance of being involved in an accident. Having a dash cam installed can provide evidence of what has happened and who is at fault. Many businesses are now having dash cameras installed to all of their vehicles and this is proving very cost effective as drivers are being more careful as a result.

Our dash cams can be installed so that they power up as soon as the ignition is switched on, or installed so that they are recording permanently even when the vehicle is switched off.

Perth, Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Fife.

We fully hardwire the camera for an neat integrated look – no messy cables hanging.